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What is Elxis?

by Pan XXX

An introduction to the Elxis world.

Elxis is an open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP programming language. It was born on December 2005 and since then it is used by thousands of people in all over the world. Elxis is famous for its stability and security, for the well tested extensions, for the multi-lingual features and the unique ideas we have implemented in it through these years many of which copied by other CMSs later.

What can I do with Elxis?

With Elxis you can easily build small, medium or large scale web sites without the need of having programming skills (although basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is recommended for best results). You can create news portals, personal blogs, online magazines, business sites, online shops, community portals and more.

What do I need to use Elxis?

Except Elxis, you will need some place to host your site online (although you can install Elxis in your local computer too). Your hosting provider should provide you a web server such as Apache, lighttpd or nginx, able to run PHP scripts and a database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. We recommend you to pick Linux as the web server operating system. Any Linux distribution is fine. For business web sites we strongly recommend new users to assign the build of their web site to a highly trained professional. You will save time and get the best result.

Who owns Elxis?

Elxis is been developed by the Elxis Team, a group of friends pashioned with the open source software. There are no big companies behind Elxis, there are no sponsors, advertizers, or hidden financial interests. Elxis is independent, a pure open source project. For legal purposes Elxis is represented by Ioannis Sannos, the core developer of Elxis, located in Athens, Greece.

The Elxis license

Elxis is released for free under the Elxis Public License (EPL). In short EPL grands you or limits you the following permissions.

  • You can use Elxis for any web site you want, even commercial ones.
  • You are allowed to provide paid services and extensions for Elxis (custom development, web hosting, support, templates, training, etc).
  • You are not allowed to sell Elxis.
  • You are not allowed to re-brand or rename Elxis.
  • You are not allowed to modify or remove the Elxis copyright notes.
  • You can create extensions for Elxis of any license. These extensions should be installed after the initial Elxis installation. You can not include them into the official Elxis package even if they are free ones (you are not allowed to re-pack Elxis).
  • Elxis Team is not responsible for any damages may occur to your web site such as data or money loss by the use of Elxis.
  • You can share and re-distribute only original copies of Elxis as released by website.
  • You can modify Elxis only for your own web site.
  • You are not allowed to publish or distribute modified versions of Elxis (forks are not allowed).
  • Improvements, fixes and new ideas should be send to the Elxis Team for implementation in the official release.
  • Elxis copyright holder is Elxis Team having legal representative Ioannis Sannos.
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